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The question that I have been asking myself for quite a long time — “Why is our world still poor". Why is Africa still a Desert having droughts? Why are people still dying of hunger. I have come to the conclusion that the world of politics has ruined the rights of the public for a very long time. Depleting resources and explosive increase in population have contributed to the situation, but they are not the cause. Massive corruption and mismanagement of resources are to be blamed for the crisis.

We have the technology to use renewable resources giving free energy but we haven't done much with them. A Dam is the basic source of water and electricity in a region, yet we see ideal dam sites barren and empty, millions of miles of fertile land is left uncultivated and the regions suffering droughts.

Poverty and unemployment has increased to a peek during the economic crunch. Our economic system is unstable and the government has provided no job security to our people. Unemployment has massively increased over the years and a horrifying economic gap is being established. If this is the crisis we are dealing with, then imagine the situation in under-developed world. Their only source of survival is being threatened by droughts and earthquakes.

It is our moral and social responsibility to help the people in tackling the crisis at hand. Our people are generous and we are proud to point that we have tried a lot and given chunks of aid to the people without substantial results. Let’s jump to International Aid. We did some research and found that no country has ever benefited from World Bank. IMF (International Monetary Fund) has in fact made the situation worse, increasing poverty and unemployment. It is mostly due to high intrest rates of IMF.

As for the countries which provide aid for food, climate and natural disasters do it for a reason and not a higher one i.e. Global fraternity. There are no freebies. They do it to expand their influence and presence in that country. These deals are always bound with conditions which if revealed to the people can cause serious problems for both the nations. The poorer end has no choice but to surrender to these vicious demands. In the third world countries the aid given to political people never finds its way to the common man. Why, obviously corruption and mismanagement.

If the people of the world are providing aid for the hungry and poor people then it is their responsibility to ensure its proper use. They can start by providing Solar heaters which can cook food without cost of the gas or electricity not to mention that they are environment friendly. All we can do is give suggestions to our people and the entire developed world hoping that they will be implemented in the near future

Aid that should be provided
• Provide something that can be used for a long time. Solar stoves, Blankets, Dams, and similar equipment must be provided depending on the situation.
• Work powers, People are meant to work. Make us of people power by establishing small and medium industries (complying with environmental standards) for clothes, agrochemicals and production lines for cars. These industries should use minimum machinery and maximum people.
• Education is a long term solution. It creates awareness, strength and innovations. also provide basic education to your employees about the techniques, sales, projects
• Provide House, and other facilities to encourage people to work.

We must have a materialistic (solid stuff) approach and in doing so we may overcome the corruption within high functionaries of many countries. There will be hurdles but we have the potential to overcome them as we will have the support of the public.

Sometimes its not practical to provide massive equipment. If cash is to be given then we should at least try to insure its proper use. Another point must be given due importance that perhaps giving the cash to NGO's and welfare organizations (Known for their welfare in their country and not foreign based) will probably give better results in under-developed and developing countries. It will also help in gaining the trust of people which is in fact really messed up especially in underdeveloped world.

Although these steps are supposed to be taken by government of respective countries, but time has seen only a few countries who utilized their people, China being one of them. It was a wasteland filled with drug addicts, poor and hungry. Having deserts and fewer resources, they reclaimed precious land, built modern industries only by embracing socialism (The concept is not perfect one though, but has delivered so far for the Chinese). The development done by the Chinese has at least provided their people with the basic necessities. They have utilized human resource and in doing so have created jobs for their people.

Industries and technology have improved our lives in the short run, but are a threat to the climate and the humanity. Many industrialists are upgrading to machines, increasing efficiency and lowering costs but in doing so have created unemployment and environmental disaster. The respective governments should take notice of this act and minimize the damage done to society. A shocking industrial report we came across in our research was about seeds provided for better production. These are produced in such a way that seed from the next generation of high-breed plants are made useless and poorer countries have to re import them thus increasing the cost of production. This is an unconfirmed report due to classified industrial secrets and has been collected through employees working in the field. However the fact remains that these countries are mostly under-developed and are incapable of producing their own seeds and pesticides. No one has yet helped them in the matter.

My Thoughts " Selfless effort is required to restore the harms we have caused in the past. We may not be perfect, but when we work together we create miracles and wonders for generations. All we need to do is to play our part; think of it this way, a single tree planted by everyone equals six-billion trees for the world. Let us aim for the better future which lies ahead. Poverty, Hunger, Population and our environment are somewhat related and must be taken into account while considering any such solution of international importance. Helping other countries in tackling climate change is in everyone’s interest whether we see it or not. Finally we must insure the proper use of the resources, and develop our human resource such that it may be utilized to the maximum extent.

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