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Copenhagen Climate conference ended in a failure. The fate of the plant is to big a burden for our political leaders still struggling to fix internal issues like health care. Another job well done, as was expected after the delay in such a discussion. Well you gotta give em credit for preparing so hard to stop the deals. Why it took so long was simply because everyone was protecting their own interest and pressurizing others to put more. The stunts pulled before the conference and the crowd of people eager for action had no effect on the outcome of the conference.

The Blame game was imminent as predicted by many scholars and analysts. They all looked very generous but when it came down to it they decided to keep a low profile. It proved nothing more than a battle ground for the rich powers. The Chinese accused US and EU in forcing a deal which was according to them a barrier in their development. The same was the case for India. Gordon Brown has blamed China and America’s lack of ambition for the failure of the Conference, considering EU an Angel in the matter. US started an anti campaign against China in their media. It seams that no one actually came to solve any problems related to climate. It was more of an economic and industrial battlefield.

There were many other issues besides the conflict and difference of opinion between major players. Economic recession has left us with uncertain losses for our self. Terrorism endangers countless innocent lives and is proving an enormous burden to our budget. Under these circumstances the conference was by no means supposed to provide the result expected in those good times.

It wasn't all bad. Although no promises were made, some 50000 point essay of what they were going to do was provided and UN has decided to hold other conferences in the near future.

China though being criticized of halting the deal has done more than any other nation. This must also be kept in mind that China, being the biggest pollutant is also the largest exporter and has a burden of the pollution from many nations. The Chinese leadership is wise but the country was never developed keeping the environment at hand. A simple idea can be derived from the fact that China derives nearly 70% of its energy from coal. Only recently have they started to invest heavily in renewable and cleaner methods and we should give them a chance to prove their mettle as they once had. China announced a 45 percent reduction of emissions by 2020, USA 17% (of 2005 levels) and India 20%. However no deals were signed, but promises were made.....

My Thoughts " The biggest damage the failure of such a conference can bring is the loss of hope and ambition to Go-Green. "If they don't want it, why should we" the painful sentence I heard after the failure. These matters are more complicated then we presume. We are by far not a perfect society and act only when the water reaches our mouth. However I suggest that rather then looking for a global solution and pointing fingers, we should consider our backyard. Remember"Charity begins at home". Never ever ever stop your fight against climate change in disappointment from this insignificant Stuff. Those guys don't have a clue about the change that we can bring and will realize soon enough.....

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